3 - 4.5 years old
independent - 1 hour

Key activities

  • Exposure to gymnastics activities and multi-sports

  • Relays, onstacle courses and more

Key development areas

  • Building strength, coordination, flexibility and agility

  • Develop positive mindset and build confidence through individual and team activities


Our Climbers are gaining greater independence. They are nurtured to face new challenges by our Trainers, who spot them and provide positive encouragement. This is the class where they are exposed to gymnastic and sports skills, relays and much more. These activities help build up their strength, coordination, flexibility and agility. Ultimately, the goal is to help them have a more positive mindset and to build their confidence in embracing activities individually as well as in teams. Whether it is mastering a handstand, straddle jump or learning to dribble a ball, our 3-year-old Climbers will start to develop their fitness levels and are introduced to the concept of good sportsmanship.