Empowering young minds through active play

Power Kids Gym (previously known as JWT Kids Gym) offers a unique range of programmes for babies, toddlers, nursery and school age children up to 10 years old.

We are one of the pioneers in the non-competitive, children’s fitness industry.

Our aim is to stimulate your child’s mind and sense through a series of exciting stages. We strongly believe that active bodies results in active minds and develops a greater curiosity of their world.


Loaded with progressive activities, we guarantee laughter and lots of wholesome fun, as we lay the building blocks of your child’s future and keep them on their little toes as they move from one milestone on to the next.

Extensive curriculum

Designed to help your child develop and practice physical skills, build strength, stamina and endurance.

Dedicated programmes

Our programmes encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills, spatial awareness, coordination, balance, agility, flexibility and good sportsmanship.

Stimulating environment

Where your child is in safe hands as they work on their physical, cognitive and emotional skills - all while having fun!


As one of the leaders in the market, Power Kids Gym firmly believes it is all about offering personalized & boutique service. We continuously strive to create unique experiences for parents and kids, and environment where the whole family can have fun. Over the years, here are some of our contributions which have shaped the children’s fitness industry.

A lifetime family membership

Theme parties for kids in Singapore

Flexible packages with extension of term

Personal training for kids

Circus classes in Singapore

Kids Night Out

A combination class of gym and art

Story telling during Open Gym

Complimentary open gym when child is signed up for classes!


Our story

Power Kids Gym (previously known as JWT Kids Gym) was brought to Singapore by Philomena Cannon-Brookes in 2004. After living in Hong Kong and in the US for many years, she returned to Singapore to find that children in Singapore were focused so much on academic excellence that they were forgetting about having fun during their childhood.

our Values

The Power team

Meet the Power Team. We take great care in selecting our staff. Their combined expertise includes child development, multi-sports training, physical therapy, dance, drama, music, gymnastics and creative movement. Best of all, they know how to make our classes super FUN!


Philomena cannon-brookes

My job is to channel the inner Jedi of the trainers so that they can transform your kids into superheroes ready to conquer the world with their agility, strength and silliness. I take my job very seriously to ensure that everyone has loads of fun.

In my previous life, I was a headhunter and then made the transition of creating an indoor gym for my 3 children who were driving me to the edge of despair with their hyperactivity. They are all now adults but still continue to spin my head around.

I am a certified personal trainer (though these days, I certainly could do with spending more time in the gym) and have also completed the Level 1A Gymnastics Training Qualification. I also had the privilege of being trained in recreational Gymnastics in the US.


Pei yi (pong)

Hello! My name is Pei Yi, better known as Pong. While I may be a chemistry graduate, I will choose hanging out in a gym over a lab any day! My work with children started 6 years ago and I have never looked back. I ensure everything runs smoothly at Power Kids Gym and that you get all the latest updates and happenings!

Growing up, I was an active kid who dabbled in a number of sports – football, basketball, volleyball, floorball, before discovering my passion in field hockey and rugby. It is my great honour to represent the country in multiple fields.

I believe all children should get active and play sports from young and it is my aim to impart my coaching knowledge, skills and vision to the future trainers, conquering the world, one trainer and kid at a time.



Hello everyone, my name is Stacy, as in Stay-Sea. I may be small but I'm fiesty, and you can always catch me grooving to the tunes! My favourite game is ' clean the yard' where I can show my volleyball moves. My new hobby is Muay Thai as I get to unleash all my craziness!

I love working with kids because I am a kid myself and it brings me joy to see them smile! I look forward to learning new things and overcoming all obstacles on my diploma journey with Power Kids!


Izzat (Zac)

Ola friends! My name is Zac, the super sporty member of the team. I am power-packed with loads of awesome football tricks (and some hidden singing talent too!).

I have always wanted to make a positive impact to the next generation of little athletes by adding adventure and meaning to their lives. Seeing the happy faces of all the Power boys and girls after a session always makes my day!

My goal at Power Kids Gym is to create the best environment where both you and your little one can venture out of your comfort zones and discover all the things you never thought your child is capable of.


Vanessa (Nessa)

Hey there! Welcome to Power Kids Gym where fun and adventure awaits. I am Vanessa and you can call me Nessa!

With my Early Childhood Education background and as a person who loves kids, I hope to make your experience here unforgettable! I've been a preschool teacher, to an air stewardess travelling the world, to rocking it as a bank teller, and I can safely say that nothing brings out the biggest smile on my face as much as kids!

While I may have missed out on some of this excitement as a child, it is an honour to be part of Power Kids, where I can now embark on an epic journey filled with growth and laughter, alongside little champs rocking it in the gym!


Jovia (Jo)

Hi friends, my name is Jo! I am the youngest member of the team and as my name suggests, I am very jovial! Outside of Power Kids, I am pretty active in the mountain bike racing community so you can catch me going down the steepest and muddiest of mountains!

Through Power Kids is where I found the confidence to come out of my shell and to be a kid again! My goal is to provide an environment for both parents and children to let their sillies out and have an amazing experience every time they step through our doors!



Hi kids and parents! I am Aileen, the first friendly face to greet you when you arrive at Power Kids Gym. I am always ready to answer any questions you may have so holler my name if you need any help!

With my prior experience working under customer service and working with children, organized is my middle name. I make sure enrolments are well planned and your child gets his/her weekly dose of exercise at our gym!