11-17 months
SGD 120
Parent participation - 45 mins

Key activities

  • Tumbling on Mats

  • Static Balancing Skills

  • Climbing Skills

Key development areas

  • Muscle Strengthening

  • Gripping Skills

  • Developing proprioception and vestibular senses


Our Crawlers are just at the cusp or have already discovered their mobility skills either through crawling, walking or even running. This is the class to take them that little further in strengthening their muscles to tumble on mats, static balancing skills, jump on a trampoline, climb on our structures or to simply work on gripping skills by hanging on the single bar. There are so many things to explore in the gym and with music and movement, our crawlers start to develop their language and social skills as well as build body awareness in relation to tactile and vestibular position senses. The best bit – they have fun while learning.