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super-wigglersAge group: 18 months - 2.5 yrs

Key Activities : Pre-school Prep

Key Development Areas:
-Language development
-Gross Motor Skills
-Structure and listening skills

The Super Wigglers is designed to introduce toddler to learn through play. This program is instructional and educational, but fun. Our Trainers place emphasis on global, environmental, cultural and ecological themes to enhance knowledge and basic literacy through the use of hands-on activities, nursery rhymes, phonics as well as music and movement, art and craft and social skills in preparation for pre-school.  

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super-power-gymnasticsAge Group: 7 yrs - 10 yrs old

Key Activities: Follows the USA Gymnastics Programme

Key Development Areas:
- Focused more on skills, technique and form

7 yrs - 10 yrs This is a progression from the level I class, focusing more on skills, techniques and form. Students will start on moderate activities to the advanced level. This program centers around the USA Gymnastics Compulsory Level Preparation Skills framework including the following apparatus: bars, beam, high bar, parallel bars, floor, vault, and rings.

Snow leopard 240x240pxAge group: 7 yrs - 10 yrs

Key Activities : Advanced gymnastics skills, working on various jumps and trapeze work as well as sports skills such as tennis serves and transverse climbing on rock wall

Key Development Areas:
-Refinement of coordination, balance, agility and muscle control
-Building on endurance and stamina, as well team sports

With a focus on a more advanced level of gymnastics skills, our Runners will be working on coordination, balance, agility and muscle control refinement. This class is fast paced and your child will learn how to run and do a straddle jump over a beam, hang on a trapeze, advanced sports skills such as tennis serves, and developing a golf swing or even traversing the rock wall. This class is all about giving your child an all rounded set of new skills, helping them try out new activities in a nurturing environment and setting them up for life long fitness.  

Cheetah240x240pxAge Group: 4.5 yrs - 6 yrs old

Key Activities : Gymnastics skills such as forward and backward rolls, handstands and more

Key Development Areas :
- Build gymnastics skills
- Gain confidence and build self-esteem

Introduces core gymnastics skills such as the forward roll, backward roll, handstands and the single bar in fun ways. This class is a good foundation for children looking to strengthen their basic gymnastic skills. In the process, they are able to gain confidence and build up their self esteem in a non-competitive environment.  


Age group: 5.5 yrs -7 yrs

Key Activities : Dynamic balance activities, circuit training and sports games like hockey and volleyball

Key Development Areas:
-Physical and social skills
-Teamwork, risk-taking and exposure to tackling challenges at their own pace

5.5 yrs - 7 yrs
In this class, the Springers will be working on their agility and endurance. Dynamic balance activities, circuit training and fluency in more challenging sports are introduced in this class. Teamwork is a key element of this class. Our Springers are taught to take risks in a safe and nurturing environment, pushing through their comfort zone, and supporting their team-mates to do the same. It is about challenging each child at their own pace, while maintaining a team ethos.  

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